And the best performing Windows laptop is MacBook Pro 13


“And the best performing Windows laptop is ” should be the best line among the laptop manufacturers. Since they spend their skills, time and money behind the brand they loyally stick with. So putting oneself in the line for most performing Windows laptops is just the next expected step . But what if the award or the tag is throned to the manufacturer which doesn’t even build products for Windows.

That’s what Soluto research shows. And they have chosen MacBook Pro 13 as the best performing Windows laptop.

How they found the ace?

They laptops checked went through

  •  224,144 crashes
  •  84,251 blue-screens
  • 1,346,000 boots
  • 250,791 hangs
  • 62,476 hours spent on boot over a course of 3 months

They gave least score to the laptops performing best in the testing parameters. Thus was chosen MacBook Pro as the best performing laptop for Windows followed by Acer Aspire and Dell XPS 13. Are Windows manufacturers listening?.

The complete list can be checked here.

Source Soluto