New Android Switch to Windows Phone app released by Microsoft


Microsoft has launched a new Android app named Switch to Windows Phone. This app shows the Windows Phone app for the Android apps you have installed in your Android Phone.

Competition for Microsoft was always a game at a different level. And if the rival is Google then Microsoft can go any way south to get the users away from Google.

They started the Scroogled campaign after Gmail topped the email service putting Hotmail at 2nd place. The launch of Outlook didn’t make any waves among  the users so they took another Scroogled campaign in-hand.

And now since they could not flutter any feathers with mobile users so they have launched a new  Android app. This app scans your Android apps and suggest you the suitable Windows Phone app from 135,000 apps doing the same task on Windows Phone.

According to Guru Gowrappan, Exec VP, Quixey,

the app finds the same set of applications. If there are no exact replacements, the app recommends similar ones,

after logging into Skydrive with Switch to Windows App loaded.

He further said

the Quixey search engine goes through the 135,000 Windows Phone 8 applications in the Windows Store seeking direct matches such as the Windows Phone 8 Facebook app to replace the Android Facebook app or to find applications that perform as close to the same function as possible

So is anyone switching to Windows Phone ? Do comment