Kyocera Elite and Kyocera XTRM for US cellular leaked

kyocera  xtrm and kyocera eliteThe new phone image has been leaked again.And this time the phone is Kyocera Elite and Kyocera XTRM .The phone at the top is a Kyocera Elite while the one below that is Kyocera XTRM.

These phones pic shows that they are going to be launched by the US cellular. The back cover of  Kyocera Elite back shows the Verizon symbol but the same is not clear for the Kyocera XTRM. No launch details of  the 2 mobiles have been announced by any US cellular company.

The Kyocera XTRM shows some padding at the corner but nothing else can be guessed about the hardware from the leaked images.I will keep you posted about the happenings on the Kyocera  mobiles.

Source evleaks