Living Social hacked,customer data accessed

living social hacked

Living Social, a partly owned website by Amazon  was attacked by cyber criminals which led to the unauthorized access to the data of the customers. The servers were breached by the attack which affected 50 million customers from around the world.

The customers from Thailand, Malaysia , Indonesia and Phillipines are safe as their servers were on separate systems. The data accessed by cyber criminals includes the names, emails, birthdates and encrypted passwords of 50 million customers making it the biggest cyber attack ever.

The company has confirmed that credit card or any other financial information was not accessed by the criminals. The company has also said that they will be informing the customers affected by the attack. And will also be resetting the passwords of the affected customers.

The attacks on companies storing financial and personal data of individuals is increasing. A few weeks ago, Supermarket computers were targeted by cyber criminals and lost the credit card and debit card data of more than 2 million customers.

Source AllThingD