Man behind the biggest DDoS attack arrested

The man suspected of  behind the biggest DDoS attack was arrested today from Barcelona under EU warrant. The Dutch national is suspected of being behind the attack on Spamhaus which used the DDoS attack to take down Spamhaus offline. The Dutch national arrested is believed to be Sven Kamphuis (SK), the owner and manager of Dutch hosting firm Cyberbunker.

How everything started?

Spamhaus is a non-profit organization that aims to help email providers filter out spam and other unwanted content. Cyberbunker was a Dutch web-host company which hosted everything except porn and terrorism related material. Spamhaus blocked the servers of Cyberbunker, which were used by abusers , copyright abusers, spammers, malware etc.

This angered Cyberbunker and so they launched an attack , which knocked many users off the internet but was not able to shut down the Spamhaus website .But enough to take down most of the companies down easily.

The attack was massive and was generating the traffic of 300 GBps which was much bigger than the last biggest attack which generated the traffic of 100 GBps.

Source BBC