Old Tumblr had music app similar to twitter #music

tumblr hidden music player for iOS

The new Tumblr was once called tumblrette and had a hidden player similar to twitter #music. The feature aggregated the music or audio posted to the user dashboard. And the player would play the audio in a sequence.

Rock,developer of the app said,

Sure, you ended up with the occasional comedy skit in between an eclectic mix of pop and indie music, but that was awesome.That was Tumblr. It was a sonic representation of your Dashboard and it kind of kicked ass

The same app became the official Tumblr app for iOS . So if the app was just promoted to the status of official app then the hidden player can also be accessed by trying some secret steps.

musica ludio revello (Reveal the music player)

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Shake the Phone real hard twice
  3. Type the name of the developer’s pet i.e Franklin

And enjoy the music player in your iOS , from Tumblr

Source TheVerge