Major websites like 4Shared,Military USA,Info-Sec and Ferrari affected by XSS vulnerability

ferrari defaced

Charaf Anons, a hacker from the group of Anonymous Algeria has posted the list of the major websites that are affected by XSS vulnerability.

The affected websites include the famous Uploader website 4shared, military website of the USA, infosec and Ferrari.

Charaf Anons has also posted the screenshots, showing the XSS vulnerability in the listed websites. The vulnerability was fixed in the info-sec website but other websites are still vulnerable and can be exploited by others.

The list below shows the website and a screenshot showing the proof of the vulnerability. The hacker has also reported the SQL injection vulnerability in a govt website and can be exploited any time, if the vulnerability is not fixed .

The list shows the websites affected by XSS vulnerability :-

4Shared :">// ('XSS by Charaf Anons') Proof : ------------------------------------------------------------ Military usa : in email form put : ">// proof : ------------------------------------------------------------ Info-Sec :">// <!--[CDATA[ alert('XSS by Charaf Anons') // ]]>-->proof : <=== Fixed ------------------------------------------------------------ Ferrari :"> // <!--[CDATA[ alert('XSS by Charaf Anons') // ]]>-->proof: ------------------------------------------------------------ Bonus : SQL injection in subdomain proof :

The websites list can also be checked on CharafAnons.