More than 30 Israeli websites hacked and defaced under #OpIsrael

sir defaced

defaced website by Sir

#OpIsrael started again on 21st April has taken down some more websites from Israel. The hackers under OpIsrael has taken down more than 30 websites from Israel in last 2 days.

The operation started against the Israel was started with attacks on many Israeli websites during Phase 1 and saw some major govt websites going down.

But the 2nd phase , as it can be called is very blunt and are attacking random websites with no major backing from the hackers which were active at the 1st phase of #OpIsrael. Tourism websites of  many countries including Rome, Paris hosted in Israel were also defaced by the hackers.

The list of the websites can be checked on Pastebin and on facebook.

When they are going to end the Operation Israel is still unknown?. With no resistance coming  from Israel , one can deduce only 2 possible explanations. Either they are not paying any attention to any of the activities or they have given up against the attacks and accepted their defeat against the attacks.

Though a very far fetched opinion but seeing the current scenario, fits well. What do you think fellas? Do comment.