Apple iMessage censors words like Obama,international conspiracy etc

Apple iMessage is one of the most used messaging app on Apple.But these days iMessage is bugged with some interesting problem which removes the last word from the message.What makes the bug intriguing is that ,it doesn’t remove other President names.The iMessage also removes the word like International conspiracy which adds a tinge of conspiracy and a perfect set up for conspiracy theorists who are always searching for US intervention in everything.


Naked Security explains the reason behind the bug.As per them,

The missing Obamas are caused by a good, old-fashioned bug.

Keen observers have noticed that if you cut-and-paste from the offending message bubble, you get your Obama back.

The most credible explanation I’ve seen is that is that the code that presents the message reckons that it will just fit on one line, and prepares a one-line bubble for the purpose.

That explanation killed the story of the conspiracy. Any idea what WestBoro Baptist Church guys would make out of this?

Source NakedSecurity