Google Now launched on iOS for iPhone and iPad

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Today,the new local search app from Google was launched on iOS . Named Google Now,the new app gives all the details from transportation to the hotels and includes every essential local information. The app uses  the data aggregated from Google local,Google maps ,navigation,Google translate ,Voice and other apps .The interface of  the app is simple and works seamlessly.Google has tried to integrate all the mobile services it offers into one app. So if you are a Google service fan then you can call this app, an extension of the desktop apps squeezed  into one.

Or as Google call it

It’s like an extension for the regular Google search.

Google Now doesn’t sleep until you have travelled a long distance. So you keep on receiving the updates until you are out of the city limits.But the updates can be turned off from the settings so your mobile battery can last for some more time  without the updates.

Google is listening to the users and that reflects in the app.The app uses cell towers and wi-fi hotspots to get the data on the mobile. And that is done without turning on the GPS.This is an important addition as the GPS drains the battery in short time. It also pauses the location updates if the battery is running down.All in all ,a must app for travellers and the locals who wants to keep oneself updated with local happenings with a single touch and swipe.

The app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded from Apple Store.

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