New malware attack uses scare tactic to infect Windows computers


The Wire transfer , recently sent from your bank account , was not processed by the FedWire.
Transfer details attached to the letter.
This service is provided to you by the Federal Reserve Board. Visit us on the web at website
To report this message as spam, offensive, or if you feel you have received this in error, please send e-mail to email address including the entire contents and subject of the message. It will be reviewed by staff and acted upon appropriately

reads the email which was sent by the criminals to infect the user’s computers.The email has an attachment named PAYMENT RECEIPT which is a malware.If by mistake you are using an outdated antivirus software then your computer will get infect and the malware will steal your private information.

It uses the scare tactic for those who have actually wired the money and also uses the natural curiosity and will drive them to investigate the file even if alarm bells should be ringing.

An updated antivirus and software patches will keep the computer safe from this attack

Source Naked Security