OpUSA and the 4 expected attacks to be used by Anonymous

7th May is the day for OpUSA. The day when Anonymous has announced the cyber attack on US websites along with other hacker groups.No one is sure how the hacktivists are going to attack the US cyber space. But some patterns of the attack can be deduced from OpIsrael.

These methods include:

  • Using common vulnerabilities to perform web site defacement and private information leakage from backend data sources.
  • Bandwidth saturation attacks using common Distributed Denial-Of-Service attack tools such as Mobile LOIC, LOIC and HOIC.
  • Consumption of web server resources using “Low and Slow” attack tools such as Slowloris, Pyloris, R.U.D.Y – note that these attacks were shown to be using HTTPS as well as HTTP protocols.
  • If groups similar to Izz ad-Din al-Qassam cyber fighters join the attack campaign, we may also expect distributed attacks originating from dedicated attacking servers. These attacks could cause huge traffic peaks and will be harvesting the power of server based botnets such as Brobot (aka Itsoknoproblembro).

Source Radware