Skype launched on for UK users


Today,Microsoft has launched Skype for the service is just available for UK users and Microsoft is planning to bring US and Germany under the new service in coming weeks.After shutting down Messenger,bringing Skype for messaging,audio and video calling was expected. As the Skype has bigger user base and integrates the services without a hitch.

How to get Skype for Outlook

  • So if you are from UK then download the Skype plugin for Chrome,Firefox and Internet Explorer.
  • login with your account and connect Skype to your outlook account
  • If you own a Skype account then it can be merged with the Outlook account

What it gives?

Skype gives chatting with audio and video support by clicking on the Skype button by hovering the mouse on the account.Skype can also be accessed while chatting.A very neat feature which is similar to Gmail.

Gmail has a similar service but Skype is a leader in voice  calling. And Outlook integration with Skype can give direct competition for Google and other mail services.This may help Microsoft bring back the users from Gmail. Something which Microsoft can do without Scroogling.

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