Analyst:iPhone will launch Phablet in 2014,iPhone 5S will come in multiple colors



An analyst named Peter Misek of Piper-Jefferies has made some bold predictions about  Apple for 2014. He has predicted a large screen iPhone and iPhone 5S in multiple colors. The same was mentioned in the note sent to the clients by Peter Misek .The note reads that Apple would launch a large screen iPhone to compete with the Samsung large screen mobiles. And such phones are expected to be launched by Apple in June 2014.

Another prediction made by Peter Misek was on the launch of multiple colored iPhone. The new iPhone 5S will come in some new colors which will add some extra awe and bling . The release of multiple colors will be for cheap iPhone 5S and will be also launching around June.

This does show that Apple is trying to get in the commoners market (read Android) with the new  iPhone 5S and the Phablet which is a craze in many countries and fits very well between iPhone and iPad which was ignored by Apple for a really long time.

Source Financial Post