Twitter updates twitter app ,adds trend support while Vine gets front facing camera shooting,improved playtime and mention support

Twitter has just tweeted about a some new updates it has rolled for the iOS and Android app. Now one can see the trends from around the world. This gives a Twitterati like you and me a virtual, real time glance at the happening topics trending around the world.

The trends can be tailored by the choice as the way we get the tailored recommendations, similar can be done for the trends. It does take the social networking to a whole new level because it will help individuals of similar views and taste to meet up easily online. The playback time of the Vine has been improved in the updated app of  Twitter for iOS.


Vine  has at last, given a good reason to use the front camera of the mobile other than using it just for video calling. Vine has added some new updates which now support the most awaited front facing camera . Instead of asking others to shoot you or playing the mount the mobile game, you can shoot a video straight from front camera . It has also added a mention support. It means a person mentioned in your post will receive a notification about the mention of you tagging the person in the post.

Ready to load some videos?