President of Bolivias database leaked by Anon_0x03 & Anonymous Bolivia under #NoALaReeleccion

website defaced


Yesterday,President of Bolivias’ website was attacked and the security was breached by Anon_0x03 & Anonymous Bolivia under #NoALaReeleccion. The website was defaced by the hacktivists and the database was also leaked online. They defaced the website with the message which in loosely translated English reads,

Stop manipulating the TCP (Tribunal Constitucional Plurinacional ) under the hashtag # NoALaReeleccion operation Anonymous group joins the voice of the people to demand the state to comply with the constitution and do work in a democratic way

The database leaked by the hactivists is the most detailed leak from any govt. website in the recent weeks. The leak shows 5 databases with  the system administrator credentials

Other databases,Comunicacion,monitoreo,noticias,prensa and reaccion lists the email and the passwords of the users of various departments coming directly under the President. The website has been restored after the attack .The leaked database can be accessed online on Pastebin.