Motorola X phone images leaked and specs info revealed


The images of the new mobile from Motorola were leaked by evleaks.The same guy who has leaked the pics of  other mobile like LG Optimus G Pro and Nokia 928 few days ago.The leaked images show the phone with back cover and front display with Motorola symbol with  ATT as its cellular service.Named as XFON, the images confirms the existence of Motorola X which was only rumored but was never confirmed.The mobile will be launched on AT&T around July.

moto back

Phone Arena revealed the information about the phone specs.

They said.

it should be packing 32GB of storage, and 2GB of RAM. The prototype has a 720p screen, but the final version is planned to have 1080p. Our source can’t confirm the screen size, but said it looks to be around 4.7. It will be running close to stock Android with no MotoBlur, but will have a few Motorola customizations including in power management. And, as we confirmed before, it will come in a choice of over 20 colors.

Source evleaks,PhoneArena