Regents of Louisiana website found spreading malware

Regents of Louisiana website have been found to be spreading a malware. This is the 2nd website reported to be spreading the malware after a driver from the driver download website of Dell was found to be doing the same.Incase of Regent of Louisiana,a website link directly opens up an executable file named 708.exe. After installing the malware,it connects with e-zeeinternet , a service offering various web counters.

Regent of Louisiana website

Avast, who found the malware said,

(malware)connects infected computers into a botnet. This botnet is peer-to-peer, which means that there is no central command and control server, which allows botnet operator to control it. Each member of this botnet has a list of several botnet peers which it maintains the connection and communicates with. Botnet cannot be simply deactivated by disconnecting the main communication node, because there is no such node.

They also said that cyber criminals use the counter to measure the size of their botnets. More than 300,000 machines were infected by the malware .

Source Avast