Rumored specs of XBOX 720 surfaced, will come with 8 GB ram, 8 core CPU and a new sound card



Everyone is curious about the XBOX 720 and its specifications .But unlike Windows 8.1, of which new details are leaked almost every week, there were very few leaks about the new XBOX. So everyone can just speculate . A new rumor doing rounds could cheer the XBOX and to be XBOX fans. As per the rumor, XBOX will come with 8 Gb GDDR3 ram and ESRAM + 1.2 Tflop GPU and 8 core CPU. Thus making it the fastest processing XBOX till date.

Microsoft is also rumored to be adding powerful sound card which will be used in sonically augmented compute engine to move data quickly round the system, with unprecedented bandwidth and low latency. Once the engine works as desired, ESRAM will not be shipped in the future XBOX.

They are also rumored to be working on ultra sound waves for data transfer but facing problems with noise cancelling techniques as ultrasonic may affect dogs near the console. So one can expect some new data transfer technology getting into console.

If the above rumors are to believed then one can say that Microsoft is trying everything to make it the best gaming console.

Source PasteBin