Samsung Voice goes against Apple,responds “No, I have standards”


The love and hate relationship between Samsung and Apple went to a new level. Earlier it was limited to the companies but now the same has been inherited by their inbuilt native apps. The new Samsung Voice from Galaxy S4 could give some big laugh to an android lover and hard time to an ardent Apple lover. Ask an Apple related question to Voice and it will surprise you in either way.

Asking on whether its Siri, gets the response  “I like to think I am.” . Even the question of liking Apple is answered in an interesting way. It tells you that it has no problems with anyone, but its loyalties lie with Samsung. But the question on using the Apple would definitely stump an Apple fans ,”Ever used an Apple” and answer comes “No, I have standards.”

Would have loved LOL at the end of last answer.

Source Android Central