Cybercriminals plays Oceans Eleven,steals $45 million by ATM hacks


Oceans Eleven is always remembered for the way thieves planned and steal money. But what if the same is played by some cyber criminals in the 21st century. Well that’s what happened in New York. Using laptops and internet connections, hackers lightened the bank by $45 million. Thus, making it the biggest heist pushing down the 1978 Lufthansa robbery.

With the help of organised groups spread across several countriesthe group hacked into the unnamed Indian company which maintained the credit card dataThe data were distributed to groups operating from 20 countries like Japan, US, Dominican republic etc. They increased the withdrawal limit of the cards and then started shopping from Rolex to luxury cars.

The group from New York took around $2.4 million by withdrawing money ATM to ATM but the Japanese group took the biggest take about $10 million as they have a withdrawal limit up to $10,000.

The hack has tamed the cinematic high, Oceans Eleven with no masks and guns. Though many have been arrested but the current hack shows the unpreparedness of many companies for such attacks.

Is this is the right time to say,” Welcome to 21st Century”?.

Source New York Times