Diablo 3 hole causes Gold scandal,dupers generate gold in billions and make real money


Diablo 3 from Blizzard is the action RPG released a year ago has started a Gold Scandal due to the hole in the game.Caused by Integer Overflow bug ,the players are generating the gold in billions and making money by selling in the real world auction house . And the gold they are selling is getting generated in the billions.

This has caused due to the patch 1.0.8 which was supposed to  improve the character progression.Well the update has improved the character progression but dug a new hole in the game which increased the gold stack sales from 1 million to 10 million.

Messy Patch

But what has changed in the gold stack system. Reddit user tyropro explained the same in detail:

The gold “dupe” involved creating a RMAH auction for billions of gold while staying under the $250 limit. The example I saw in a video was 6 billion gold (600 x 10,000,000 at $0.39 per stack, for $234). When they posted this auction only ~1.7 billion appeared to be for sale, with the rest “missing” until they sent it to their stash and ended up with more than they started with. The exact numbers from a duping video:

Create RMAH auction for:            6,000,000,000 gold
Auction shows up as:                1,705,032,704 gold
This much is missing!               4,294,967,296 gold
The missing amount, divided by 2:   2,147,483,648 gold

2,147,483,648 (or 231) is the maximum value you can store in an int32 in programming. I’m no programmer, but I took one class in high school and was taught about the limits of different variable types. See:

Simply put, their RMAH gold selling code wasn’t written to handle numbers over 2,147,483,648 properly, and the result was duplicate gold being added to people’s stashes.

So the dupers are creating 6 billion gold auction which only deducts 1.7 billion from current balance , cancel the transaction and 6 billion is refunded back plus the 4.3 billion from the total gold. Do the maths after repeating the same for umpteen times.

diablo bug

The screenshot is of the Real World Gold Auction house and the number beside it is 420 billion gold. Dupers started generating gold in billions and selling the gold in the Real Money Auction house raking in hard cash.

Blizzard reaction

Instead of rolling back the update, they banned dupers and refunded the users who used their real money. They reverted the patch note to temporarily fix the issue.

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