i-Mate Intelegent Phone to come with Windows 8 OS and not Windows Phone 8


It all started with an article from Seattle Times which showed the Phone with Windows 8 OS. That time it was considered just a rumor by others and passed the story. But the new videos seen by PC World shows the phone from i-Mate in action and a reality in coming days.

The Phone is unique because it comes with Windows 8 OS and not Windows Phone 8. Now you know why its special.The phone They are also providing the docking station to turn Phone into Desktop.The phone was planned to be showcased on Mobile World Congress but was never displayed.

What makes the Phone so Special ?

  • Windows 8 OS
  • Intel Z2760 processor
  • 4.7 display screen
  • 1280 x 768 resolution
  • 2 GB RAM,
  • 64Gb internal storage
  • 8MP front camera and 2MP rear camera
  • Wireless charging

The specifications are the best in the phone category and can easily take down most of the standard desktop machines in performance. The company is planning to sell this phones to businesses and the companies. Making it away from the reach of mobile consumers.

The launch date of the device has not been declared yet but seeing the comments made by the device manufacturer shows that it’s still away by months before seeing the launch day.

Source PC World