Nokia Lumia 620 to be launched in US on AIO wireless

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Nokia has announced the launch of Lumia 620 for US. Phone launched on AIO Wireless, will cost $179 .99 starting today. The phone comes with Snapdragon dual core 1 Ghz processor with 3.8 inch display and LCD Clear black display. The phone boasts a 5 MP camera with 720p HD recording but has VGA front camera which has been phased out by many standard device manufacturers. The internal memory gives a storage of 2Gb and can be capped to 64 GB.

Windows 8 OS in the mobile has given some new apps to the mobile which has become the default app catalog for every Nokia phone. The Nokia Lumia 620 includes HERE Maps, HERE Drive+ and HERE City Lens with live tiles to direct access People Hub and MeTile.

The battery maximum standby time (3G) is 314.0 Hour(s) and for maximum music playback time is 45.0 Hour(s) and has a talk time life of 9 hours with 3G. The phone comes with all the standard  connectivity like Bluetooth , wireless and NFC but doesn’t support wireless charging. An option which should have been included.

All in all a nice phone with some great features to buy for a Nokia fan.

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  1. Hey
    I like your post
    Nokia Lumia 620 to be launched in US AIO wireless. Nokia lumia has given some new application to the mobile which has become the default application for every nokia phone. I wish Nokia lumia 620 launched in all over the world.

    • Thanks, I agree but the way Nokia is flooding market with new mobile phones which is making me crazy.They are just changing the display size and battery life and releasing it under new name. This making me loose confidence on Nokia which once ruled the mobile market.They are not bringing any major researched mobile like it used to do before adopting Windows Phone OS.

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