Android spyware app found monitoring SMS, call logs, and location in Google Play

Android weak app screening  was exposed once again by the security researchers. This time its Webroot. The company has found a malware which works as a downloader and the spyware app it downloads. The spyware monitors the sms , call logs and the location of  the mobile. Android was always blamed for its weak app screening but still the spyware apps are found in the Google Play.



The new malware  disguise itself as font installing app. Once installed message will pop up to download the font you selected and that’s when the spyware is downloaded into your mobile.




The spyware monitors the call logs and other details are logged through a web portal. This is done with an app named ikno. apk  which acts a proxy between a device and web portal and is used to monitor SMS , call and GPS location of any device.


The  reason,you should keep an updated antivirus installed in your mobile.

Source Webroot