Former Govt official: USA is the biggest buyer of exploits and spy tools


The cyber war and the hacker attacks have made US to take steps which could surprise but many won’t see it odd either. The Govt has started buying the exploits of the software and the spy tools from the gray market. This is being done to infiltrate the enemy country websites and leaving spytools and back doors open to get open future access.

One can trace this trend back to use of  Stuxnet by US and Israel to attack the Iran nuclear site. Stuxnet was engineered using DUQU code which had an unheard-of method for breaking into computers and rolled it into “exploit kits,” which was sold to hackers worldwide.

A former executive of a defense contractor that bought vulnerabilities from independent hackers and turned them into exploits for government use said,

My job was to have 25 zero-days on a USB stick, ready to go

Source Reuters