Google dumps pet Linux for Debian for its cloud service

Google has announced to be switching from its in house Linux version to Debian for its cloud service. The company was using the custom made Linux for its cloud service which will be used in the service once the transfer to Debian is completed.

Jimmy Kaplowitz, a Google site reliability engineer said,

We are continually evaluating other operating systems that we can enable with Compute Engine.However, going forward, Debian will be the default image type for Compute Engine.

Google FAQ was also updated recommending developers to use Debian images rather than GCEL (Google Compute Engine Linux).

Google said,

We feel that customers will get a great experience having a Linux distribution that is maintained by the Debian community. Debian and derivatives thereof are among the most popular on the Internet, and Google itself is a heavy contributor to the Debian code base.  We will also continue to offer CentOS, and are actively exploring other operating system options based on feedback from our customers

Debian has been the choice for many Linux developers and also is the most popular distribution used in Ubuntu , Mint and other variants .It also has a large community support which makes it the choice of many newbies and professionals alike.

Source The Register