Google Play Games leaks out,syncs with Google plus for notifications and invitations

Google Play which was rumored by many to be coming soon has turned to be true. The new Google Play Services was spotted by Android Police which is in its version no 3.1.36 being used by Google to push Google Play games.

nexus2  nexusae1

The Play Games is real for sure as the setting apps do work and drop down menu lets you switch accounts. Notifications can be sent using Google +. The Google Play Service comes with the feature like sending invitations to friends  and notifications from Google +.

nexus3 nexus4

Google Play Games can sync the saved games  along with matchmaking and invites which can be  used to invite other players to play the game. The  Game will also display the Scoreboard and Leaderboard. All in allevery feature of standard game platform is included in the Google Play Games.

Google Play Games will bring a direct competition to Facebook on a social gaming platform with its direct syncing of the Games with Google Plus. Though Google +  is not much famous among the social gamers but the Game will add a new life to the dormant Google + once  the games are ported on Google +.

Am I too positive about Google Games landing on Google +?.

Source Android Police