Unity Next named Unity8 with support from Mir display server

Weekly update from Kevin Gunn, the person behind the interface of Ubuntu has made new announcements in the Unity interface. The Unity Next has been renamed to Unity8 and will be integrating into the Mir display server. Some major improvements have made at the interfaces which can be seen by going through the updates made for Ubuntu on Android ICS.

Updates for Mir

Surface states, sw cursor, & HWC 1.0 (a la android ICS) support landed
  • Input fully enabled by default
  • Some run of the mill android/display logging added
  • LightDM integration updates/cleanup
  • Surface moving, in process egl for android, & surface stack
  • ordering MP’d
  • Grab bag of dead code removal, simplification of shell example
  • code & some bug fixes around egl client buffers & cpu pixel formats
  • Supported Unity integration on Mir, creating Unity-mir layer

Updates for Unity8

Landed user story for closing apps from Apps lens

  • MP’d user story for indicator access from locked screen
  • Completed design reviews around hud, launcher, greeter story & some of dash
  • HUD: Implemented highlight query results, removed app stack & removed app quit
  • First development of unity on mir! only on desktop working on arm build
  • Infographic per design implemented & integrated with backend, to be MP’d
  • Notification fully integrated & functioning on backend, still in MP review
  • Landed our generic framework for front end/back end interface definition/integration
  • began work on clock & calendar picker for Indicator (to be donated to SDK)
  • began proto work on shellvs-app input event handling

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