New mobile Nokia Lumia 925 announced in UK event,will be launched in June,priced around $650


Nokia Lumia 925

The new teaser of a mobile followed by image leak was announced today at the Nokia event taking place in the UK.  The new mobile is named Lumia 925 and will be launched first in the UK in June and other European countries. Then the mobile will be subsequently launched in China and then US on T-mobile and will be priced around $650.

Available in yellow, red, white and black , the mobile is metallic at the side with corner round edges and comes with AMOLED display and with the Nokia Pureview technology for video and capturing images. The rear camera is of 8.7 MP and comes with OIS technology while the front camera provides 1.2 MP wide-angle HD recording.

The camera also comes with a Nokia Smart Camera mode and can take ten shots at once and then edit them afterwards with tools and effects like Best Shot, Action Shot and Motion Focus.

The mobile gets the processing power from 1.2 GHz dual core processor. On the memory front, mobile comes with 1GB RAM and 16GB phone memory .The phone uses IHF speakers and comes with 2 microphones. (Thank God, at least someone listened to my prayers).

lumia specs


The phone fits  between Nokia 920 and Nokia 928 with all the features but with a slight variation in phone memory and the standby time. A good choice  for Windows Phone aficionados who love video recording  and mobile photography.



Source Nokia