Ubuntu shutting down the Brainstorm Project

brainstorm idea-logo

Ubuntu has announced the shutting down of the Brainstorm Project. It was like a social platform for the Linux community. It allowed the users to nominate the ideas they want to see in the Linux OS and vote for it and comment on it.It was like social platform for the Linux community. 

The Ubuntu Technical Board notes,

Due to radically decreasing interest from both Ubuntu developers (judging by the decrease of answers) as well as users (judging by the decreasing number of voters) the TB feels that it is time to end brainstorm.ubuntu.com and its regular review.

The sole remaining maintainer (Stephane Graber) as well as the Ubuntu community QA team (who founded this service initially), represented by Jorge Castro and Nicholas Skaggs, all agree.”

Castro’s noted that the site is unmaintained with a poor design, user interest is no longer there, developer interest isn’t there too much, and advanced users know how to contact developers and file wish-list bug reports.

Source Phoronix