Updates by Microsoft,Mozilla and Adobe released patching vulnerabilities

tuesday patch


Tuesday came with the new of updates for Microsoft,Mozilla and Adobe.The updates released by Microsoft tops with 33 updates followed by Adobe with 27 bug fixes and last was Mozilla with new browser update release and 3 critical updates.

Microsoft patches internet explorer vulnerabilities

Microsoft released the important updated including the update for the vulnerability which caused the hacking of the Dept of Labor website. The new updates grouped into 10 updates were released patches every (reported) vulnerability from Internet explorer 6 through  10 . The update also patches the vulnerability which can be exploited in Windows 8,RT using Denial of Service attack.

Other updates patched the holes in the messenger and authentication bypass in .NET service.

Adobe plugs the leaky bug

Adobe has released 27 updates for ColdFusion, Flash, and PDF software Reader and Acrobat. The new update plugs the hole which caused the leak of more than 160,000 social security numbers and 1 million driver license numbers.The updates were also released for vulnerabilities discovered by Google.

Mozilla releases a browser and an email client update

Mozilla released a new update for its Firefox browser and its email clientThunderbird. The new update gives Firefox a version number 21 and makes ThunderBird to show version number 17.0.6. Mozilla released the 33 critical updated causing memory related programming errors.

Source The Register